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Bubblegum Petunias along Route 6 Brooklyn
Our Signature Bubblegum Petunias Outside the Brooklyn Store

Red, White & Blue Combo Early Spring
10" Red, White & Blue Combination basket in Mid-Spring: Norwich Store

Hanging Baskets at Our Growing Facility
Various states of Hanging Baskets being Grown: Cuttings being rooted and misted (back center) Newly planted baskets on the heated flood floor.

10" Mono Fuschia Baskets in Full Bloom
10" Mono Fuschia Baskets ready to be sold.

Young Hanging Baskets being shipped to retail
Young Hanging Baskets ready to be shipped to our retail stores

Petunia Baskets Ready to be Sold

Our Signature

It's hard not to notice the enormous petunia hanging baskets outside each of our retail locations. The brightly colored over-sized baskets were initially added to enhance our curb appeal, but they've blossomed into a traffic-stopping signature. At Hart's Greenhouse & Florist we specialize in growing beautiful hanging baskets of all sizes, shapes, colors, and plant combinations. All are grown locally to ensure high quality.

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Instant Beauty

As far as gardening goes, there's really no easier way to add an instant pop of color than with a hanging basket. Whether you're using them to dress up a porch or patio, displaying them on a shepherd hook, or cutting off the hanger and transplanting them into a patio container, or planting them directly in the ground to add color to a perennial border, it's hard to argue their immediate impact. They are great for almost any gardener, and make spectacular gifts for moms, newlyweds, new homeowners, birthdays, teachers, and more.

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Sizes & Types of Baskets Offered

1. 8" Mono-Basket:

This smaller basket usually makes its first appearance in late spring to early summer and is great for a quick spruce-up, or a smaller area. Grown in our subtle green pot, in limited quantities, and varieties, such as impatiens, million bells, and portulaca, our 8" mono-basket is an economical way to add color to almost any space.

2. 10" Combination Basket:

One of our best sellers! Available in late April, these baskets are grown in a subtle green pot, and are available in a wide array of combinations. Whether you want a romantic combination of lavenders, whites & purples, or a patriotic combination of red, white, & blue, or an electric combination of hot pink, purple, and orange, we have nearly a dozen different 10" combination baskets to match your color palette. Shop early for best selection.

3. 10" Mono-Basket:

By far the greatest variety and selection of all baskets. Grown in our standard subtle green pot, these baskets are available from mid to late April all the way 'til late summer, with fresh stock arriving regularly. In our 10" mono-baskets you'll find an impressive assortment of petunias, verbenas, million bells, fuchsia, double and new guinea impatiens, torenia, geraniums, non-stop begonias, and more!

4. 12" Combination Basket:

Another best seller, these large combinations make a statement! Grown in our subtle green pot with a sturdy wire hanger, these plants come in a variety of combinations: red, white & blue; purple, lavender, and white; red, purple, and yellow; and more. With almost a dozen different combinations to choose from you're sure to fall in love with one. Remember to shop early for the best selection.

5. 12" Petunia Basket:

A scaled down version of our signature roadside baskets, the 12" petunia basket is a subtle green pot with a wire hanger, bursting with hundreds of petunia blooms ranging in color from white to pink to red to purple, and multicolored. This tried and true plant is easy to maintain, and despite popular belief, does not need deadheading. Hummingbirds love it and we're sure you will too.

6. 14" Moss Petunia Basket:

An oversized moss basket with wire hanger overflowing with petunias! Grown in limited quantities, these basket arrive mid to late spring, and come in a variety of colors from red to white to pink to purple to multi-colored. They provide a dramatic burst of color with ease of maintenance, no deadheading required! These 'Old Standards' also attract hummingbirds. What's not to love?

7. 18" Moss Petunia Basket:

The Mother-of-all-Baskets, these are the same as our roadside wonders. Giant moss baskets filled with petunias make a great addition to any porch or patio. Ranging in colors from white to pink, purple, red, and multi-colored, these baskets are in high demand and quantities are limited, so shop early!

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The life of a Hart's Hanging Basket

Many people often ask how we grow such beautiful hanging baskets. Most are surprised to hear how much thought and energy goes into producing one of these blossoming beauties. The hanging basket you purchase in May or June is actually the result of almost a year's worth of careful research and planning.

July: Step 1 - Research
The Hart family attends the Ohio Floriculture Association's Annual Short Course which showcases the newest plant varieties and growing techniques.

August: Step 2 - Decisions
After reviewing the successful plants of the current year and learning more about the newly available plant varieties, we can decide which plants will be selected for next year. We calculate how many baskets will be needed, and place orders for the correct number of plant cuttings.

September - December: Step 3 - Supplies & Set-up
During the off-season, we order containers, potting soil, plant tags, and all other components of the finished hanging baskets. We also perform any needed maintenance on the transplanting equipment and greenhouse infrastructure in anticipation for the new season.

January - February: Step 4 - Plants arrive!
Unrooted plant cuttings (generally between 0.5" and 1" long) arrive from around the world (mostly Central America) via FedEx. We insert them into growing media and place them under computer-controlled mist to promote root growth.

February & March: Step 5 - Plug & Play
Now that the plant cuttings have developed roots, they are ready to be transplanted into baskets. The plants are generally 1" to 2" and are called 'plugs' at this stage. Anywhere from three to seven plugs are planted into each basket depending on the type and size of the finished product.

Late February - Mid March: Step 6 - Warming Up
The baskets are placed on a heated floor inside our largest greenhouse at our growing facility. Here they will be watered, fertilized, and pinched back as needed.

Mid March - Mid April: Step 7 - Grow Baby Grow
Once the plants begin to fill out beyond the tops of the baskets, they are taken off the heated floor and are hung on drip lines throughout our growing facility. Baskets that require cooler temperatures will eventually be moved outdoors, while those that prefer warmer temperatures stay inside the greenhouses. It is on these drip lines that baskets reach their final retail size. They have plenty of space to grow, are watered daily, and are fertilized regularly.

Mid April - June: Step 8 - Sold!
As baskets reach their 'finished' size, they are pulled and loaded for one of our three retail locations, where they again will be placed on drip lines and watered and fertilized regularly until purchased.

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Care & Maintenance

Because hanging baskets are so easy to care for, they are great for both beginners and seasoned gardeners. There are a few things to remember about your hanging basket, however.

1. Keep in mind the location you'll be placing your basket, and consider the amount of natural direct sunlight it gets. There are different types of plants for different light conditions. It's also a good idea to look at what time of day is the brightest since morning sun and afternoon sun are different in intensity. The friendly staff at any of our locations can help you find the right basket for your spot.
2. The most important thing to remember is that, like people, plants need water to survive. This is certainly true for your hanging basket. When you bring the basket home, it should be watered just about every day. A good way to tell if it needs water is to stick your finger into the soil about an inch - it should feel cool and moist. If it does not, the plant needs water. If watering is necessary, a general rule is to water until you see excess water draining out the bottom of the pot.
3. The high quality annuals in all Hart's hanging baskets are heavy feeders. Again, just like people, plants require nutrients to thrive. Our baskets are raised on a regular regiment of fertilizer, and it's important that when you get your basket home, you do the same. The best products are water-soluble fertilizers high in phosphorus (the middle number on the package). We recommend applying Master Nursery Bud n' Bloom Plant Food once a week to keep plants looking their best.

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